Sunday, 30 March 2014

Twopeas March Moodboard

the following project is the scrapbook layout I mentioned on my previous post and based on the march moodboard from twopeas.

I used mainly the palette of greens as the background with an ombre technique.

I wanted to use cards with a distress technique as for the vintage look on the board. i used them to write the title down and 'complete' it with the last card which is the picture/subject of the layout.

i wanted the layout simple with not too many embellishments as the cards covered almost the whole cardstock. I stitched a frame to continue the composition of square lines and 'broke' the continuity with a half heart. One little wooden heart inside that half shape, one 'love' stamp and 3 petit butterflies in a bluish colour to complete the board palette, and the layout.

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