Saturday, 21 November 2015

Take on Art Journal

Hi guys,
I would like to post some of the pages of my first take on an art journal. I used the fauxdori size type of notebook and it works really good for me. It is not too big or small, just the right size of expression to try out.
I like the simplicity of the cover with that kraft look that matches the purpose of its content!

I had to use one stamp on a tag semi hidden as a note inside the studio calico vellum envelopes that I love hoarding!
Every of my notebooks for my fauxdori has one!

First approach, what 'I' want to express and how:

The other half of 'ME' with lots of stamps:

And the called art journaling itself: some gesso coats to avoid bleeding through the page, texture paste using some stencils, some net to add more texture, inks applied with droppers, watercolour crayons to reinforce the colours and the quote to finish it up:

Another spread but using gouache paints with my fingers, stencils, stamps, inked caps and gesso as a last touch. No quote this time but a simple descriptive word!:

And this is the beginning of a nice relationship with the art journaling. I wonder if you guys have ever tried art journaling and how it turned out!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Planner obsession_Nov Monthly view

Hola chic@s!
My life is getting more organized! yuhu! The reason: my new obsession, a pretty and functional planner!
I must admit I have never ever used a planner to deal with my life before... I always relied on my memory to get to everything... but since I discover I can use scrapbooking to help my life be more organized... pfff man, I say HECK YES to that!
As it is the first time I am using one, I started with a Filofax from my hubby that he was not really using so, after a DIY touch and a load of embellishments, here is my November spread so far:

Studio Calico's embellishments are the best to fully enjoy my planner and I have not even yet subscribed to their planner kit, yay! can't wait. I used some scrapbooking and documenter kit's supplies instead. Awesome enough I say.

Some closer looks and eish, can't wait to get my Hello forever planner from them for next year. Although I'm not sure whether I would be able to wait until Jan once I receive it! It is undated so, I will see when the time comes yay!
Marcy Penner, please do not stop making us happy!

Fold out mini album_October 2013

Hey there,
Just wanting to show today one of my first approach to scrapbooking... exactly when I started falling in love with it.
This is a fully fold-out-cascade handmade mini album (if that exists). Some pictures of the cutie as follows:

The covers are individual cardboard sheets attached by a ribbon.

"Didn't you notice how time flies?"

Fold up. Down. Left. Right. Done.
This is actually very much the approach to the monthly PL that Stephanie Bryan is making at the moment.
Thanks for visiting!