Wednesday, 12 March 2014

.Babi's Project Life - Week 03

I know, I know, it does not seem to be the best way to start a post about my baby's Project Life with the third week. It just happens to be the latest one I finished. I will post the previous ones everyday I do not have anything to upload. For now, I must say I have still lots to learn about scrapbooking since I started a couple of months ago. I am missing expertise on techniques, supplies, imagination I guess?, etc. So far, my favourite websites of scrapbooking have made me feel quite fulfilled about my learning process. Two Peas in a Bucket's videos are pretty much how I love learning... for now. 

So, on this layout I used the easy design A pocket pages from Becky Higgins. I have put into practice some of the challenges the garden girls from Two Peas in a Bucket propose on their own layouts. On this layout I wanted to use the repeated colours of some of the pictures as a constant for the rest of the spread. My palette then would be green, red and pink. 

I wanted to create contrast so, almost every picture would have the 3 colours counting the ones on the picture and the card frames or embellishments.I have fallen in love with the labels as a base of journalism for some of the pitures - Marcy Penner legacy from so many videos of her I watched in a 'marathon-of-two-peas-project-life-videos'. Not to mention how cool and neat and clear and nice my spread looks with a typing font straight on the tabs :-P-------

No words to explain how much Ania Maria Wolniak from Studio Calico inspires me as well. I decided to use here her 2 cards she gave away cause they matched perfectly my green theme on this spread.With all this, I tried to balance the amoutn and locatino of pictures with the coloured cards so, on each side you could find the 3 colours equally.The only kit I have used on this project life is the one from Becky Higgins Baby Edition for Her... and still enjoying it!Still, lots to learn to reach a little perfect detail from Stephanie Bryan but for now: Hope you like it!

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