Sunday, 30 March 2014

Twopeas March Moodboard

the following project is the scrapbook layout I mentioned on my previous post and based on the march moodboard from twopeas.

I used mainly the palette of greens as the background with an ombre technique.

I wanted to use cards with a distress technique as for the vintage look on the board. i used them to write the title down and 'complete' it with the last card which is the picture/subject of the layout.

i wanted the layout simple with not too many embellishments as the cards covered almost the whole cardstock. I stitched a frame to continue the composition of square lines and 'broke' the continuity with a half heart. One little wooden heart inside that half shape, one 'love' stamp and 3 petit butterflies in a bluish colour to complete the board palette, and the layout.

Babi's Project Life - Week 04

hey there. I would like to post today 2 things: another week of my baby's project life and one scrapbook layout based on the March Moodboard from Twopeasinabucket.
let's start from the Project Life's spread:

and a closer look to each page:

then, de details:

Luv my handmade thickers!

as a highlight, I used on this first one of the free cards Ania Maria Wolniak from Studio Calico posted on her blog. I stitched it around as if it was a pretty frame of flowers and I completed it with half a doillie and a embellishment.

as for the pretty pink bear I-love-how-it-turned-out, I traced the shape of one die cut I had on pink tissue paper and stitched it around. I tore off the spare tissue and embellished it with a little heart that pops up from the plain cute bear.
second spread now:

and its details:

i put here into practice the same method of stitching as for the bear with a heart on top instead. I thought the  shape of cut out tag and the stitching on white tissue paper as if it was fabric might look nice as it is by my mom's. 

one cut out I made with the initial of my baby's name on a frame: Gabriela.

this one is a funny one. one handmade die cut on an ombre water coloured painted cardstock. Kal Barteski font downloaded from her last post and  a funny sentence :)
Enjoy it!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

.Babi's Project Life - Week 0

My first spread... the week 0 as it was the days I spent at the hospital before delivering. Just Baby Edition For Her from Becky Higgins.

Even though it was my first one before watching any video tutorials, I tried to match the colours from the pictures to balance the spread and make it as harmonic as possible.

.Babi's Project Life - Week 01

So, as I said on a previous post, here my week 01 from Babi is. This was my second project life spread ever so, you can see the amount of journaling cards without even embellishments. I was more concentrated on the pictures and writing :)

I added on the outside of the pockets, all the items that reminded me of the days I spent at the hospital with my sweet baby while in the ICU. I DIY'ed some journaling cards with some handmade stamps (that I will show on future posts and voila'.

One quick glance at one random PL spread from my muse Stephanie Bryan and fell in love with the idea of using the transparent plastic pocket as part of the spread. Just adding a cute wood veneer bear shape that I could use on both sides as part of 2 different spreads! You see? It looks as brilliant as it sounds.

Well, this shows I am still learning but by then, I was happy with my results ;)

Thursday, 13 March 2014

.Babi's Project Life - Week 02

This week was more of a dominant colour, the soft pink. Some traces of orange and red cause of some of the pictures but, mostly pink.

I am using here the Becky Higgins Baby for Her Edition as you can see on some of the journaling cards. I tried on some others waterdolours effects and leave one wood veneer shape alone in one pocket to play around with transparencies on both sides of the same pocket page. Stephanie showed me that if you were wondering.

I do not remember exactly which challenge from the PL garden girls video was but she proposed volume on the spread, like the journaling she introduced into an envelope. Here, I made a replicate of a paper bag but 3x4 inches so I could slide in the flap my photo and my tab with journaling. I used the brown paper which came wrapping the Project Life box from Becky Higgins I purchased from Amazon to do the shape of the paper bag. I glued this thin brown paper onto a 3x4 cardstock to give it strenght and use it as a base for my photo and tag. I love the picture of my sweetie in her cow suit so I decided to highlight it using 2 3x4 pockets size in vertical.

A bit of the same I already explained plus stitches and rhinostones and stars here and there and voila', week 2 done.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

.Babi's Project Life - Week 03

I know, I know, it does not seem to be the best way to start a post about my baby's Project Life with the third week. It just happens to be the latest one I finished. I will post the previous ones everyday I do not have anything to upload. For now, I must say I have still lots to learn about scrapbooking since I started a couple of months ago. I am missing expertise on techniques, supplies, imagination I guess?, etc. So far, my favourite websites of scrapbooking have made me feel quite fulfilled about my learning process. Two Peas in a Bucket's videos are pretty much how I love learning... for now. 

So, on this layout I used the easy design A pocket pages from Becky Higgins. I have put into practice some of the challenges the garden girls from Two Peas in a Bucket propose on their own layouts. On this layout I wanted to use the repeated colours of some of the pictures as a constant for the rest of the spread. My palette then would be green, red and pink. 

I wanted to create contrast so, almost every picture would have the 3 colours counting the ones on the picture and the card frames or embellishments.I have fallen in love with the labels as a base of journalism for some of the pitures - Marcy Penner legacy from so many videos of her I watched in a 'marathon-of-two-peas-project-life-videos'. Not to mention how cool and neat and clear and nice my spread looks with a typing font straight on the tabs :-P-------

No words to explain how much Ania Maria Wolniak from Studio Calico inspires me as well. I decided to use here her 2 cards she gave away cause they matched perfectly my green theme on this spread.With all this, I tried to balance the amoutn and locatino of pictures with the coloured cards so, on each side you could find the 3 colours equally.The only kit I have used on this project life is the one from Becky Higgins Baby Edition for Her... and still enjoying it!Still, lots to learn to reach a little perfect detail from Stephanie Bryan but for now: Hope you like it!