Thursday, 19 November 2015

Planner obsession_Nov Monthly view

Hola chic@s!
My life is getting more organized! yuhu! The reason: my new obsession, a pretty and functional planner!
I must admit I have never ever used a planner to deal with my life before... I always relied on my memory to get to everything... but since I discover I can use scrapbooking to help my life be more organized... pfff man, I say HECK YES to that!
As it is the first time I am using one, I started with a Filofax from my hubby that he was not really using so, after a DIY touch and a load of embellishments, here is my November spread so far:

Studio Calico's embellishments are the best to fully enjoy my planner and I have not even yet subscribed to their planner kit, yay! can't wait. I used some scrapbooking and documenter kit's supplies instead. Awesome enough I say.

Some closer looks and eish, can't wait to get my Hello forever planner from them for next year. Although I'm not sure whether I would be able to wait until Jan once I receive it! It is undated so, I will see when the time comes yay!
Marcy Penner, please do not stop making us happy!

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